About Infomedia Web Solutions

Infomedia Web Solutions is a reputed name in the international web development and services sector. With over two decades of experience since its inception in 1998, IWS caters to a wide array of clients on a global scale, helping them to reach out and make their mark. Having completed a large number of assignments for companies in the USA, Australia, India, the Middle East, China, UK, Holland, etc. we have developed the expertise in understanding the requirements and dynamics of different regions, and developing products which are most suited for a successful enterprise.

The company has built its reputation on result oriented, cost-effective and customized services. Each client is assured comprehensive, end-to-end solutions, customized according to their needs. The focus is on personalized service, completely avoiding computer generated responses and pre-fabricated models. The IWS team is highly skilled at translating a client’s vision into reality.

With a completely in-house design and development capacity in New Delhi, India, IWS does not depend on outsourcing or part-time solutions, resulting in improved quality and consistency. The IWS team caters to clients around the world from a single base of operations, thereby ensuring a seamless function and better communication.

Highly qualified, skilled and trained professionals with an experience of providing superior services form the keystone of the company.